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Crete is the largest island of Greece and one of the most beautiful places in the world. The combination of Cretan hospitality, monuments from the ancient civilization, wild nature and numerous clean and beautiful beaches makes it the ideal place for holidays. If you rent a car in Crete there are hundreds of places you can visit. Below we recommend some daily trips to the island of Crete.

Visit Elafonisi beach- 75 km from Chania

Elafonisi beach is located at the southern western part of Crete approximately 75 km from Chania city. The way to go is easy without any unexpected difficulties. There are signs everywhere that help you to get there but most important if for any reason you lose your way the signs will put you back into track.
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Visit Chania town

The town of Chania is located at the northern western part of Crete. The population of Chania is approximately seventy thousand. It is the capital city of the prefecture of Chania. When you visit Chania is better to park at the city center where you can easily walk around.
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Knossos and Heraklion

The archaeological area of Knossos is referred to the Minoan civilization and to the palace of Minoas King. The site is 10 minutes of driving from Heraklion city. To find Knossos palace is very easy. First you take the highway to Heraklion and then you exit the highway at the sign that says “Knossos”, from that exit is only five minutes of Driving.
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Visit Stavros beach- 15 km from Chania

There are hundreds of places you can visit during your holidays in Chania, on this article we recommend a half day or even a full day trip in the western part of Akrotiri area of Chania. We recommend three beaches in the same area and two points of interests for you to visit on that day.
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Stavros Beach

Visit Rethymnon town

Rethymnon town is at the western Crete between Chania and Heraklion city. After you enter the city we recommend that you drive towards the harbour and park your car at the controlled parking area of Marina by the sea. We also recommend that you have a map of the city with you.
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