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We offer a complete navigation solution in Crete. Over the years we have tested many GPS and we have made a package that offers the most optimum solution for your needs. Whether you start your car rental from Chania airport or any other point in Crete this package will help you find your way easily and also it will assist you in a much better way than most of the classical GPSs.

GPS Navigation Crete


  • Big Screen 7 inch- The screen is big you can see better and focus more on the road.
  • Easy to use- It is simple and very easy to use it.
  • Professional application- You will use a premium edition and a very accurate navigation.
  • Easy searching of a place- using English (Latin) or Greek as well- Simply type "Elafonisi" and it gets you there.
  • Pedestrian option- Use it to walk around the city center of Chania for example.
  • Voice instructions- There is the option to listen to voice instructions in English.
  • Remarkable battery- The battery is really good and it lasts for many hours- it is useful when you use it for walking.
  • Complete off line navigation- you don't need internet connection to go somewhere.
  • Many driving assisting features- speedometer, estimated time of arrival, cameras warning and many others.
  • Transport bag- You can keep it safe from a fall and you can hold the bag or simple wear it on your shoulder.

Prices- Terms

  • Price: 3€ per day
  • Reserve: Requst it during the reservation process (second step after you select your car)
  • Excess: GPS excess 150€ (in case of loss or complete damage)
  • Charge: Minimum is 3€ (one day rental)- Maximum is 35€ (even if you rent it for 20 days the charge will stop at 35€)

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