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 There are hundreds of places you can visit during your holidays in Chania, in this article we recommend a half day or even a full day trip in the western part of Akrotiri area of Chania. We recommend three beaches in the same area and two points of interests for you to visit on that day.

Stavros Beach at Chania

Stavros beach as a destination is a beautiful place and an excellent choice for a half day or full day road trip. The beach is located in the Akrotiri area of Chania and the distance from Chania city center is approximately 15km. The beach became famous in the 1964 when the movie “Zorba the Greek” was filmed there. The leading actor was the Hollywood star Anthony Quinn and the movie was based on the novel from Nikos Kazantzakis.

The rocky mountain view from the beach is particular and the sand is of yellow color. Also, part of the beach is free and available for those who prefer to use their own umbrellas. In the area there are also some cafes, restaurants and tavernas.

The visit to Stavros beach can also be combined with several points of interest nearby such as the Monastery of Agia Triada (or Moni Tsagarolon in most GPS), Venizelos Graves Park, Tersanas Beach and Kalathas Beach.

Venizelos GravesWe strongly recommend for you to make a stop at Venizelos Graves Park either on your way towards the beach or on your way back. It is a free entrance park and it is dedicated to Venizelos Greek politicians (father and son). The park hosts the two monument graves of those. The view from the park is spectacular as one can see the whole area of Chania and the sea from above.

Inside the park there is also a small wood of pine trees, the church of “Profiti Ilia” and small gardens with flowers. The parking in Venizelos Graves Park is relatively easy and outside the park there are also cafes if you want to have a refreshment. 


Tersanas BeachTersanas beach is located a few kms before Stavros beach and it is a less crowded beach especially in the touristic period of high season. Part of the beach is free for those who want to use their own umbrella. There, the parking is relatively easy. The beach is nice and the sand is of yellow color. Also, there is a canteen for your refreshment.  



Kalathas BeachKalathas beach is the first beach that you meet on the road trip. It is a very nice beach with yellow color sand and a small island nearby. Part of the beach is free and available for those who want to use their own umbrella. Also, there are canteens on the beach for refreshment and some restaurants nearby. The parking during the crowded months of the summer maybe difficult but there are some small public parking spaces available. 


Agia Triada MonasteryThe monastery of "Agias Triados Tsagarolon" is a beautiful place of paece and serenity and it is located nearby the airport of Chania. The monastery is accessible to the public and also there is a shop where you can buy local wine produced by the monastery. The parking of your car there is very easy. Finally, before you visit it make sure about the public visiting hours and also because it is a monastery a dressing code is required 


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